CHM Italy has a keen eye on all the variables involved in the hospitality arena. It’s a dynamic situation that is constantly monitored and managed.
From hotel management to luxury residential community, from restaurant operations to events venue as well as wellness center and SPA. A comprehensive service is provided to the owner, starting as the project is developed and continuing right through the opening and managing the subsequent business.

An approach based on emotion and discovery. The result is an unparalleled and personalized travel experience. Creating memorable moments is our mission of pairing unmatched service with experiences that bring your vision and passions to life, taking delight of this feelings you will have the opportunity to enjoy the world’s most sought-after locales in an intimate and exclusive fashion. All the exclusive services can be arranged through our dedicated Property Concierge, with an in-depth knowledge of the local market, that is always the main feature of all our managed properties to ensure you enjoy the very best life has to offer.


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Given the extensive network built during the years and the ever growing exposure to a range of very high level relations with luxury home, hotel and…

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